Frequently Asked Questions

We have separated some questions and answers about our Coworking
Our public is composed of freelancers and companies, from start-ups to large multinationals with small teams in Brazil. Our clients are heavily focused on business, are mostly in their 30s to 45s, have a corporate background or a solid career as a professional. They come from practically all Brazilian states and from abroad, generating a culturally rich and enterprising environment.
The total office area is 240m2 divided into 2 floors. Includes meeting rooms, eating area, toilets and garage.
We have different work table sizes for various needs: For some table sizes, there are keyed drawers included. For positions that do not have drawers, we offer locker cabinets.
For security purposes, we have access control at the entrance of the building and on Gradile's floors, in addition to internal TV circuit.
Yes. According to availability.
Telephone service is not included, as we offer our customers the flexibility to choose the most suitable system for their business. You can opt for Skype or mobile.
No. Unfortunately our layout does not accommodate additional furniture or changes.
More than one person may occupy the same position since in alternate periods. Simultaneous use is not permitted in order to preserve the quality of the work environment.
Yes. We have a number of available valet parking spaces in the building.
Each workspace has 2 hours of free weekly meetings. Above 2 hours, the scheduling is done according to availability and the times and values can be selected in a schedule that is shared with all professionals.
Yes. She is here to help you with your day-to-day contacts, clients, correspondence and meetings Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Yes, everything is included in the annually, monthly or hourly plans.
Yes. We do not provide computers or monitors, but work positions have wireless internet and / or wired and power points.
Yes, we have a printer and a scanner. Printer / copier usage is free for all USERS for 50 sheets during the contracted period. This is renewed at each contract cycle, but not cumulative. For annual contracts, the cycle is equivalent to one (1) month. Once you have exhausted your quota, the price per print / copy made by GRADILE will be applied. Some workspaces can have their own printer. Check with Gradile if your printer is welcome in your workspace.
Yes. According to availability you choose yours.
In case the contracted period is less than 1 month and there is a negotiation of a customized plan, one can have a position that will be shared by other users, but in alternate periods. Never simultaneously.
We have different plans to meet different needs. On the main page of this site we present some of them. Contact us to have more information about private rooms and other plan options.
The building operates 24 hours a day from Monday to Monday. The services provided by GRADILE are available only on weekdays, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and may change in special situations. Opening hours can be changed upon prior request and / or negotiation with GRADILE.